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Launch Your Online Product 

Accelerate Your Social Impact

I work with coaches, entrepreneurs and program administrators to enable client transformation through online courses, memberships and masterminds and equip them with what they need to efficiently lead the design of new products their clients love.

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Enable Client Transformation   

Clear Product Vision

Get clear on what products your program needs to deliver to enable your client's successful transformation.

Create a Roadmap

A high-level plan provides you with the map of things you need to achieve your expected outcome and guides the journey. 

Lead Product Design

Focus on knowing what your clients will love in your new online product vs. how to set up technology.

Managing Your Product Launch is Distracting You 

How much work did you do that was not aligned with your product vision.

How many deadlines were missed because you didn't follow a plan?

How many lives were improved while figuring out the technology on your own?

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Designing and delivering digital products that enables you to improve the lives of the people you serve can be figured out but it's so much easier when you receive mentorship and guidance from someone with experience.

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Three Steps to Lead Your Product Design

1.  Schedule a call

Schedule a 30 minute strategy session to see how I can best be of service to you.

2. Choose a Service Plan

I will provide you with options that best suits your need.

3. Accelerate Your Social Impact

Deliver transformation by focusing your time on engaging clients within your new digital products.

Why Should You Trust Marianne Bell?

She is a hub that links a team together. Marianne connects people with ideas and feels successful when she helps others feel successful. She is devoted to her people and they feel it. 

Strategic Navigator

Marianne sees beyond the surface-level goals to where people really want to go. She helps them prepare for what’s ahead and coaches them through challenging experiences. She understands people sometimes better than they understand themselves, mining for talents often exposing strengths they didn't even know they had. She leverages the insights she gains about people to open doors they may not have even considered knocking at, much less stepping through.


Resource-Driven Connector

Marianne provides solutions that best fit the situation. Her curiosity and love for learning leave her with a diverse network of connections and tool kit of strategies that she regularly accesses to help people steer clear of potholes or raise their awareness of potential opportunities. Helping others find their place, the place where they can put the best of themselves to work is when Marianne feels the most satisfied. 


Intellectually Curious

Marianne is outcome driven and invests her time and energy into continually learning and taking actions that create a culture of cross-functional collaboration, effective communication, accountability, transparency and trust. Her calming, ‘everything is figure-outable’* attitude enables her to quickly move on from failure.  

*Check out Marie Forleo's Book Everything is Figureoutable


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